Vyond Review 2023: Is It Legit Video Animation Software? (2023)


  • 1 👊 All About Vyond: Complete Review
  • 2 🤔 Vyond Animation Software For Video Makers
  • 3 👍 Type Of Video Animation Created By Vyond
  • 4 🔥 How to Create Video Animation With Vyond
  • 5 😍 Why Should You Use Vyond Studio?
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  • 7 🤗 Final Say On Vyond Review

If you have no experience in coding or designing at all, Vyond gives you the magic wand to create artwork with just your fingertips!💥 💥 💥

Formerly and popularly known as ‘GoAnimate’ is now officially ‘Vyond’, a powerful video creation tool, that helps you with virtues of visual representation in the form of animated videos 🔥.

✔️ Let’s Review Vyond, the best video animation software of [Year] 🔥

(Video) Vyond Review: WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY VYOND! (Whiteboard Animation Software)

It has broken the stereotypes of video-making industry being the most time-consuming, complex and expensive with its effective tools for animation with awesome services.

👊 All About Vyond: Complete Review

Vyond is a cloud-based studio that allows you to sign up and start creating your videos with just a few minutes of tutorial, like a pro. All you have to do is plan your content, and then transform it into a masterpiece using the template library, time-saving features, and interactive interface, within minutes.

Recently launched byGoAnimate Inc., Vyond offers a ‘drag and drop’ approach to create ads or even edit video and without having much to learn about this tool, anyone can do it in under 5 minutes, they say. Each video-maker gets a range of tools to DIY high quality, professional videos without putting in much money and time as it generally takes.

Vyond is a simple software that offers tutorials, tools and services to help anyone create videos. Read further for a more insightful review on Vyond-

(Video) Vyond vs. Animaker: Best Animation Maker

🤔 Vyond Animation Software For Video Makers

Recommended as by far the easiest to use software in the shortest period of time, Vyond is perfect for all kinds of projects in-

  • Training and eLearning-where you get to connect with your audience through videos than just words and simple presentations. It taps the power of storytelling through videos and turns it into a fun activity.

Nowadays, this is indeed a captivating method to indulge your audience into the concepts, improve their attention span and have more engagement and thus improving your/theirs goals

  • Marketing videos-The power and impact of videos in case of marketing in a business, is unchallengeable. Vyond allows you the flexibility to choose the kind of video you wish to make and promote and transform your ideas into dynamic content.

The user enjoys the freedom to choose from hundreds of templates, thousands of assets, and a lot of choices for the font, sound files and logos. Vyond just enhances and moves the game to the next level of storytelling, review videos and increases user engagement, giving good brand-awareness results

  • Human Resources- You know we know that messages from human resource team are often ignored unless it is about the pay scale discussion or promotions!

In order to have a well-informed team of staff on floor, the distribution of messages can be done interestingly with Vyond, so that it takes them only a few minutes to watch anywhere in the world, irrespective of their time zone or language. You can really accentuate the engagement and retention with short films that are built using relatable characters, dialogues and even memes

(Video) Vyond Tutorial for Beginners (2023)

  • Everything else! –You think of it and Vyond will offer a template to do it for you.

👍 Type Of Video Animation Created By Vyond

With a pre-built library, full of props, characters, backgrounds and more, it broadly segregates the entire list of templates into three major types-

  1. Contemporary:This type is particularly recommended for branded videos, animated infographics, promotional videos and demonstration videos. For any of the context mentioned, you may find a suitable template amongst the options under this style.
  2. Business-friendly:Highly recommended for company culture videos, scenario-based trainings, explainer videos and announcements.
  3. Whiteboard Animation:This is more suitable for those who have a blueprint of more complex video ideas, tutorials and microlearning videos.

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🔥 How to Create Video Animation With Vyond

The entire process flow has been crafted in very few simple steps, explained as below-

  1. Once you’ve logged in to your dashboard, you see a basic template on screen. As you desire, you select another template from the library or continue to add more scenes to the same template.
  2. Start enriching your scenes with characters, props, charts, text and even royalty-free music. Also, you have an option to upload an image, an audio or a video of your choice.
  3. Customize your characters and assets using the customization available on the right side of dashboard, which includes, color, size, motion, effects and a lot more. It’s all drag and drop for every step of operation, and voila, you have your video ready instantly!
  4. Lastly, you preview your work using the play button and do final changes, if any. In case you are stuck with something in the middle of your flow, you can immediately get help from their dedicated online customer support.

😍 Why Should You Use Vyond Studio?

(Video) Vyond Animation Software: Review and Walkthrough

This video marketing software is known for enriching your content with motion and graphics and also offers an array of benefits, as below:

    • Easy to start from scratch and move like a pro in a few minutes of usage. It is even easier to import, reuse and repurpose the old designs. Customize your heart out and it gives you enough space to play around.
  • It also allows collaborations easy with admin control in your hands. You can easily invite, train or remove members or just add more and more seats to your account with full control over configurations and password settings. More brainstorming means better ideas and videos
  • Drives higher user engagement leading to high CTR (click through rate) and thus higher conversion rates. It saves a lot of cost and time that you can eventually find yourself creating a video for every other campaign
  • Editing is a super easy thing to do at Vyond studio while maintaining the high production quality without hampering your budget or making you wait for a longer turnaround time for it. This helps in tailoring your videos differently for different sets of audiences
  • Improved ROI, with dynamic videos getting created as easy as a presentation, you get more attraction and better results on campaigns. Also, production costs for live-action videos are very higher as compared to making animated videos through Vyond, where you can call it your own work and no further copyright issues exist.
  • Enterprise level security standards, that is it is designed to comply with your organization’s security requirements.Administrator-controlled password compliance and compatibility with both Google and Office 365 single sign-on ensures that your work and data remain safe in good hands. Also, they are fully compliant with latest GDPR data handling requirements.

💥 Pricing Plan Of Vyond

Vyond has a 14-day free trial available on a sign up. Post that, a user may either cancel or choose a plan to continue with. They have 4 kinds of plans to suit every kind of marketing segment and its requirements-

  1. An essential plan that covers just the basics, for those on a tight budget. This single user plan comes with a watermark of Vyond at the bottom left in each video. Priced at $49 per month for monthly subscription and $299 per year for annual subscription, it saves you about 49% with an annual plan.
  2. Premium plan is inclusive of all that is there in essential plus, export option available in 1080px resolution, animated GIF exports access to live chat support and Vyond community of its users. Priced at $89 per month for monthly plans and $649 per year it saves you 40% extra with the latter.
  3. A professional plan is best suited for medium sized teams since this is a multi-user plan that allows sharing at $159 per user per month or $999 per user per year. It includes advanced features like font import, you can upload your organizations’ standard fonts for maintaining consistency and more.
  4. Premium plan includes furthermore advanced security features, dedicated account managers for help and support, plus training and onboarding assistance.

🤗 Final Say On Vyond Review

Overall, the user-friendliness, flexibility of the interface and the quality of solutions and assets make it outstanding in terms of reliability. You can put your imagination in a video with this budget-friendly tool with a sharing option involved to work on your videos with your teams via shared libraries.

This tool comes in handy for any marketer who is aiming for better engagement, lower bounce rates and even better views. We completely approve of Vyond is a must have and one of the best video marketing solutions available in the market

(Video) Vyond Review - Is This Video Creator Worth The Price?


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