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by James

This is a guide to all the console commands I’ve found that work for the game.
You’ll need BaseMod to unlock the console to use these. If you don’t know how to get BaseMod, there’s a different guide that will teach you how to do that.


These commands start with the prefix “standard”. Please keep in mind that these are translated from another language; there might be some errors.

standard salmonsushi [number]

Adds the number of specified LOB points. If you enter the command during the control phase, the points will be added at the END of the day.

standard jarvis

Opens the E.G.O list menu, which allows you to change the equipment of Agents during gameplay. If you make either E.G.O weapon or suit with the menu open, it will not appear until you close and reopen the menu.

standard dragons [number]

Adds “risk” points that are used to determine what Trumpet level the facility is in. You really only need to input a number 1-100, as 100 will trigger an instant Third Trumpet.

standard bang [damage type (R/W/B/P)] [number]

Shows a damage label with the specified protection level for the employee with the lowest ID. The effect is purely visual and does not damage the employee.

standard ordeal [0-3]

Triggers an Ordeal. The number means the type of Ordeal. (0 – Dawn, 1 – Noon, 2 – Dusk, 3 – Midnight) Event color is determined randomly.

standard sniperelite

Restores bullets.

standard overload [number]

Adds the specified number to the Qliphoth Meltdown counter. This can trigger Meltdowns and Ordeals.

standard bossiscoming [1-10]

Turns a regular day into a Core Suppression of the designated Sephirah, regardless of Department Expansion, Mission completion, or downright having the department unlocked entirely. However, if used for a Department that has not been unlocked, starting the day will have nothing happen.

standard fifo

Using this command, the specified Abnormality will appear in the Extraction phase the following day. If you use an ID that doesn’t exist, no Abnormality will appear. WhiteNight will not appear without first transforming from the Plague Doctor; unlike Apocalypse Bird, which cannot appear at all. If you use the command during Extraction Phase, the chosen Abnormality will appear in the next slot.

standard mission (Sephirah ID)

Completes a Sephirah mission. (Malkuth – 0, Yesod – 1, etc.)

standard missionimpossible(Mission ID)

Adds a mission for the next day/after day restart.

standard allinone

Fills all empty Department cells with Level 1 Agents.

standard rabbitprotocol

Pulls up the Rabbit Team summon menu if it isn’t open, if it’s already been used, and even if it hasn’t been unlocked.

standard merrychristmas

Using this command will issue 8 identical gifts to all Agents in the facility. if you use this command in the Pre-management Phase, gifts will be given to only agents that are assigned to Departments.

standard clearoverload

Resets the Qliphoth Meltdown on any Abnormality under Meltdown at the time of use.

standard checkmate

If you use the command while suppressing the “Kernel”, the day will end successfully. Other then that, I’m not sure what else this command does. If someone knows who the “Kernel” is, please let me know.

standard alldone

Unlocks all Sephirah research on the next day.

standard iamfire

Moves 1 Agent from each department to the Agent list.


This is probably the section you’ll be using most. Thestandard forgecommand can be used to acquire any E.G.O Weapon, Suit, or Gift from any Abnormality in the game.

To use the “standard forge” command properly, it’s best used in the Pre-management screen (where you assign your Agents to Departments). If you want to use the command, type the command into the console, as well as the ID of the Weapon/Suit/Gift you want. For example, let’s say you wanted to get Mountain of Smiling Bodies’ E.G.O Weapon. You would typestandard forge 200042

1 = referring to the Abnormality itself (not used)
2 = E.G.O Weapon
3 = E.G.O Suit
4 = E.G.O Gift

The number referring to what you want is always followed by three zero’s. (e.x. 200042 MoSB’s Weapon, 200004 QoH’s Weapon, 300102, TSQ’s Suit)

0 Training Standard Dummy Rabbit
1 Scorched Girl
2 Happy Teddy Bear
3 Red Shoes
4 The Queen of Hatred
5 Nothing There
6 Singing Machine
7 1.76MHz
8 Big Bird
9 One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds
10 My Sweet Orange Tree
11 Little Helper
12 Spider Bud
13 Beauty and the Beast
14 Plague Doctor
15 WhiteNight
16 Rudolta
17 Nameless Fetus
18 Forsaken Murderer
19 The Silent Orchestra
20 Punishing Bird
21 Old Lady
22 Wall Gazer
23 Snow White’s Apple
24 Don’t Touch Me
25 Hammer of Light
26 Queen Bee
27 Bloodbath
28 Opened Can of Wellcheers
29 Alriune
30 Poor Screenwriter’s Note
31 Child of the Galaxy
32 Little Red Riding Mercenary
33 Big and Might be Bad Wolf
34 You’re Bald…
35 Judgement Bird
36 Fragment of the Universe
37 Crumbling Armor
38 Apocalypse Bird
39 The King of Greed
40 The Little Prince
41 Laetitia
42 The Mountain of Smiling Bodies
43 Funeral of Dead Butterflies
44 Burrowing Heaven
45 Dream of a Black Swan
46 Naked Nest
47 Dreaming Current
48 The Knight of Despair
49 Schadenfreude
50 Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom
51 Warm-Hearted Woodsman
52 Shy Look Today
53 Fairy Festival
54 Meat Lantern
55 Dimensional Refraction Variant
57 Porccubus
58 Blue Star
59 Grave of Cherry Blossoms
60 Void Dream
61 Firey Bird
62 World Tree/Parasyte Tree
63 Melting Love
64 Army in Pink/Army in Black
65 La Luna
102 The Snow Queen
103 Der Freischutz
104 Yin
105 Heroic Monk
106 Ppodae

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Lobotomy Corporation: All Console Commands - KosGames (2024)
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