Exploring The Lead Vocals Of Iconic Beatles Songs: A Look At Who Sang Them And How They Came To Be (2023)

The Beatles are one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time, having produced some of the most memorable and timeless songs of the past century. As such, their music has been covered and reinterpreted by countless artists across multiple genres, and many of their songs have been sung by different singers over the years. While the original lead vocals on most Beatles songs were performed by one of the four members of the band, many of their songs have been performed with new lead vocals, either from cover bands or from solo singers. In this article, we will explore who sang lead on some of the most famous Beatles songs, and how these covers came about.

Who Sang Vocals On Something By The Beatles?

It was discovered that John Lennon sang lead on 109 of the Beatles’ songs. McCartney was only two points behind in second place with 98. Lennon dominated early Beatles albums (such as “Please Please Me,” according to McCartney), but he was the primary singer on later Beatles recordings.

In the early days of the album, Lennon took the majority of the lead vocals. From 1963 to 1997, Lennon and McCartney shared lead vocals in songs by Paul McCartney. – 2: Chains, Do You Want to Know a Secret Lennon’s Drive My Car is the best-selling song of all time, followed by Eleanor Rigby, Here, There and Everywhere, Good Day Sunshine, For No One, and What Goes On. Octopus’s Garden is the second album by Beatles star turned producer Ringo Starr. It should be carried by all four. Let it be for now, for you to enjoy. The Beatles – 7: Two of Us, Across the Universe, and Dig It. McCartney’s songs for 15 are “From Me to You,” “I’ll Get You,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “This Boy,” “She’s a Woman,” “Yes It Is,” “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” “You Know My Name

In addition, the legendary Beatle, Ringo Starr, played an important role in the Beatles’ success. Even though his drumming is known as the band’s foundation, Starr also contributed to the songwriting process. He occasionally sang lead vocals with the band, including on Beatles classics like Yellow Submarine and With a Little Help from My Friends. Furthermore, he wrote and sang two songs that became very popular with the band, Don’t Pass Me By and Octopus’ Garden. Starr co-wrote four other songs as part of the songwriting process, demonstrating how important he was to the Beatles. It is impossible to deny the significance of the Beatles and their contributions to popular music. According to producer George Martin, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the first exposure most Americans had to Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting skills, set off Beatlemania and served as the apex of Phase One of the Beatles’ development.” The Beatles achieved great success thanks in large part to legendary guitarist, producer and songwriter, Ringo Starr, and his contributions to the songwriting process have resulted in the band becoming one of the most popular and influential bands of all time.

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Which Beatles Members Sang Which Songs?

It Won’t Be Long, Lennon, and I My Loving McArtney McartneyDonHarrison10 more rows on Nov 16, 2017!

Hey Jude: The Beatles’ Iconic Hit

The Beatles were one of the most successful and influential bands of all time, having sold more than 500 million records. A few years back, their catchy tune, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” was one of the most popular songs of all time, and it skyrocketed them to international fame. Because of the single, Beatlemania swept the world and made the Beatles one of the most popular bands ever. As a result, the song represented the apex of their first phase of development, and John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s songwriting laid the groundwork for generations to come.
Their song Hey Jude is without a doubt their most famous, but their entire catalog is jam-packed with incredible music. The song, which was released in 1968, became one of the most played songs on the Billboard chart at the time. Despite their popularity, the Beatles have sold over 183 million albums in the United States alone. Hey Jude has been a favorite of theirs since its inception, and the melody is still very strong.

Who Originally Sang Something?

Exploring The Lead Vocals Of Iconic Beatles Songs: A Look At Who Sang Them And How They Came To Be (1)

Something was the first Beatles song written by lead guitarist George Harrison to be classified as an A-side, and he had the sole chance to top the US charts while in the band, with the only other song he wrote topping the US charts. In addition to being the first Beatles single with tracks from an LP album, this song contains previously available tracks.

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Something In The Way She Moves: A Timeless Classic

Something in the Way She Moves, written by James Taylor and released on Apple Records in 1968, is a timeless classic. It has been covered by a number of other artists, including Tom Rush and Harry Belafonte, and has remained a fan favorite. When it comes to judging the song, John Lennon and Paul McCartney both gave it high marks, with Lennon saying “I think that’s about the best track on the album,” and McCartney saying “I think it’s the best he’s written.” “It was the first single by the Beatles to reach the top without being credited to Lennon-McCartney,” George Harrison was proud of his performance, and with good reason. Something in the Way She Moves is a landmark track in music history that has been recognized by the Recording Industry Association of America as such.

Did George Harrison Sing Lead On Any Beatles Songs?

Exploring The Lead Vocals Of Iconic Beatles Songs: A Look At Who Sang Them And How They Came To Be (2)

Yes, George Harrison sang lead on several Beatles songs, including “Taxman,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Something,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” He also wrote many of the band’s songs and sang backing vocals on many other tracks. Harrison was an integral part of the Beatles sound and his contribution to the band was indisputable. He was one of the main songwriters during the band’s most successful period and wrote some of the most memorable songs in their catalogue.

On the 20th anniversary of George Harrison’s death, we look at 22 songs that the Beatles recorded together. Despite their dominance of the Beatles songs, John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s songs were equally good. In this ranking, George’s ‘For You Blue’ is ranked first from worst to best. Pigs is one of George’s most controversial songs, but it is actually quite enjoyable. If I Needed Someone was possibly as Byrdsy as The Beatles’ “If I Needed Someone,” a rubber soul love song mixed with ambivalence. George’s Inner Light is the most pure and complete interpretation of Transcendental Meditation and Indian classical music. There are only three songs on George’s third album, Revolver, which was his first (he had never previously recorded more than two songs on a Beatles album).

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George’s song is a thinly-veiled dig at his former publishing company, Northern Songs, in which his shareholders received more money for each song he wrote than he did. George’s Love You To’ was all about Indian music, which includes tabla and sitar. On the Beatles’ first release, George Harrison’s ‘Don’t Bother Me,’ he made his debut. Within You Without You’ is his second work inspired by Indian culture, both musically and culturally. ‘ Taxman’ is a sharp, witty, musically incredible song written by folk-rocker and actor Tim Robbins. Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles has the highest number of Spotify streams. In comparison to its nearest competitor (‘Let It Be,’ the streaming service had more than 730 million streams (and counting).

During his Beatles vacation, George wrote this beautiful acoustic guitar-led song while bunking off at Eric Clapton’s house. The Beatles’ first single was ‘Something,’ written by George Harrison and released in 1961. He was in the midst of a solo career at the time and had a lot of music on hand. My Guitar Gently Weeps’ was inspired by both the I Ching and ruffled egos in the Beatles camp after their trip to Rishikesh. On a classic rock version of Eric Clapton’s lead guitar, the guitarist is credited with an (uncredited) performance.

On his solo debut album “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,” John Lennon was a visionary artist, and it is an excellent testament to his talent. Lennon created an unique soundscape on this album by combining elements from a wide range of musical styles. He enlisted the assistance of his former Beatles co- guitarist, George Harrison, in order to accomplish this. It’s no surprise that Harrison contributed to five of the album’s ten tracks, the most notable of which is While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Despite the fact that Lennon wrote the tune, it was Harrison’s iconic guitar solo that brought it to life. Clapton joined EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London to collaborate on the timeless classic with guitarist Steve Cropper on September 3, 1968. It was a historic collaboration between Lennon and Harrison that is still celebrated and appreciated today. This album has remained an enduring classic thanks to Lennon’s creative vision and Harrison’s superb guitar playing, thanks in part to their hard work and dedication.

Celebrating George Harrison: Ranking The Beatles’ 22 Songs Featuring His Lead Vocal

Aside from his contributions as a songwriter, guitarist, and singer, George Harrison contributed to the iconic band in a variety of ways. The signature style and unique vocals on his songs Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Don’t Bother Me, and Tell Me Why instantly become household names, and he is adored throughout the world. The fact that he sang lead on 22 songs suggests that his songwriting contributions to the Beatles were critical to the band’s success. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of George’s death, we compiled a list of 22 songs from worst to best, ranging from the worst to the best. His haunting solo voice on I’m Happy Just to Dance With You, as well as his and John Lennon’s harmonize on Something, will live on in the memory of Beatles fans for a lifetime. His performances, similar to his songwriting, are timeless and provide an important influence on the music we know today.

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Who Sang More Lead Vocals In The Beatles?

The Beatles were an iconic British rock band, and all four members sang lead vocals in their songs. However, John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been credited with singing the majority of lead vocals in the band’s songs. Lennon, especially, is considered to have sung a significant number of lead vocals in the band’s songs. Lennon and McCartney both wrote and sang many of the band’s hits, such as “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Help!”, and “Hey Jude”. While George Harrison and Ringo Starr also wrote and sang leads in some of their songs, Lennon and McCartney were the primary lead vocalists in The Beatles.

I was able to identify the differences in John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s voices after learning how to tell them apart. It’s true that John’s vocal range was lower than Paul’s, but I knew it wasn’t that high as a result. The lead singer in the book is credited to Paul, with John being the lead singer. When I first learned to differentiate between the voices of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, I found that McCartney’s voice was much different than Lennon’s. I guessed correctly that Paul sang the higher harmonies before I knew which member of the band sang the lower ones. Some people have claimed that he possessed the widest range of the four. Paul, as a mid-range tenor, I consider to be excellent.

He can be heard in some songs, such as ‘Say, Say, Say,’ making strains. If he had been a high tenor, Paul would not have had to strain his voice at such an early age. I do not find John’s voice to be silky smooth, though this may be true. John’s voice is scratchier, but George’s voice is very smooth. It is most likely George Harrison’s voice that has altered the Beatles’ sound the most. Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison sang songs with higher registers than their natural voices, sometimes to higher registers. I always found it easy to identify Ringo Starr’s vocal because he always sang in a low register.

The Beatles’ rise to prominence was spearheaded by Paul McCartney. In addition to being the most versatile musician in the group, he was also the best guitarist. McCartney created many of the most enduring riffs and solo arrangements on albums like Revolver, Ticket To Ride, and Paperback Writer, in addition to Taxman. The Beatles have always been known for their ability to achieve heights, beginning with their 1962 single Love Me Do and ending with their first number one hit From Me To You in 1963. He was not only a key member of the Beatles, but also a significant influence on a wide range of musicians in the twentieth century. McCartney’s unique talents, skillful playing, and memorable compositions made him an important part of the Beatles’ success, and his legacy lives on today.

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Paul Mccartney: The Voice Of The Beatles

The vocal range of the Beatles has been a source of contention for many years. Their first album featured two lead vocal credits, as well as three on their second, proving that Paul McCartney is the most musically skilled of them all. The other three Beatles did not appear to have a greater vocal range than Paul, who had a strong voice. This is something John Lennon demonstrated in his final words to Paul McCartney. During Linda McCartney’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, she revealed that John told Paul in his final words, “You should think about me every now and then, old friend.” There is something about Paul’s vocal range in these words that indicates a certain admiration for it. As evidence for Paul McCartney’s incredible vocal range, we can conclude that he was the de facto lead singer of the Beatles’ greatest hits.

Something Beatles Lyrics Meaning

The Beatles were known for their deep and meaningful lyrics that spoke to generations of music lovers. The meaning behind the band’s words could be interpreted in so many ways and still be relevant today. From the classic “Let It Be” to the optimistic “All You Need Is Love,” the Beatles’ songs often touch on themes of love, hope, and understanding. Even more than 50 years since the band’s inception, people still search for the true meaning behind their timeless lyrics. Whether it’s a message of peace and harmony, a reflection of life’s struggles, or simply a fun and catchy tune, the Beatles’ lyrics have the power to speak to us all.

Beatles Solo Albums

The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands of all time, and their influence on modern music is still felt today. Even after the band broke up in 1970, the individual members of The Beatles continued to make music and released a number of solo albums. John Lennon released nine solo albums between 1970 and 1980, including such classics as Imagine, Plastic Ono Band, and Double Fantasy. Paul McCartney, the other major Beatle, released 17 solo albums between 1970 and 2018, including such gems as Ram, Band on the Run, and Tug of War. George Harrison released 12 solo albums between 1968 and 2002, including All Things Must Pass, Living in the Material World, and Brainwashed. Ringo Starr released 11 solo albums between 1973 and 2017, including such hits as Ringo, Goodnight Vienna, and Give More Love. The solo albums of The Beatles are all essential listening for any fan of the band and demonstrate the continuing legacy of their music.


Exploring The Lead Vocals Of Iconic Beatles Songs: A Look At Who Sang Them And How They Came To Be? ›

The rule for The Beatles was simple: if you wrote the song, you get to sing the song on the record. It was a simple premise that ensured no feelings were hurt when either John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and, sometimes, Ringo Starr walked into Abbey Road studios with a brand new tune.

Who sang lead vocals for the Beatles? ›

How did the Beatles decide who would sing a song? ›

The rule for The Beatles was simple: if you wrote the song, you get to sing the song on the record. It was a simple premise that ensured no feelings were hurt when either John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and, sometimes, Ringo Starr walked into Abbey Road studios with a brand new tune.

Who sang the lead vocal to Do You Want to Know a Secret by the Beatles? ›

Who were the musical leaders of the Beatles? ›

Led by primary songwriters Lennon and McCartney, the Beatles evolved from Lennon's previous group, the Quarrymen, and built their reputation playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg over three years from 1960, initially with Stuart Sutcliffe playing bass.

Who are the four Beatles singers? ›

Who was the main voice in The Beatles? ›

As much as we want to think of the Beatles as a four-headed beast, John Lennon was the clear frontman in their early days, taking the majority of the lead vocals.

Who was the most popular Beatles member? ›

And who is America's favorite Beatle? Paul McCartney ranked highest, at 35 percent; following by John Lennon (29%), Ringo Starr (11%), and George Harrison (8%). However, there is a gender gap: men favored John, while women preferred Paul.

What made the Beatles music so different? ›

The Beatles had such a different style from any other band at the time, because they worked in many different genres of music. The group started off rooted in the Skiffle and 1950's rock and roll, and later on expanding into pop ballads, psychedelic rock and also having some classical influences in their songs.

Who was the most talented Beatle? ›

Conclusion: Paul Was The Greatest Beatle

There simply is no clear winner, but if pressed, I would say this analysis shows Paul as the slightly better song writer.

Who was the Beatles idol? ›

In the early days of The Beatles' career they were highly inspired by American rock and roll and their biggest influence was Chuck Berry. Not only did he have an impact on how their own music began to sound, they also recorded cover versions of his biggest hits, like Roll Over Beethoven and Rock And Roll Music.

What song did Ringo Starr sing lead? ›

Starr occasionally sang lead vocals with the group, usually for one song on each album, including "Yellow Submarine" and "With a Little Help from My Friends". He also wrote and sang the Beatles songs "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden", and is credited as a co-writer of four others.

Which Beatle wrote and sang something? ›

"Something" was the first Beatles song written by lead guitarist George Harrison to appear as an A-side, and the only song written by him to top the US charts while he was in the band. The single was also one of the first Beatles singles to contain tracks already available on an LP album.

What artists did the Beatles admire? ›

Three great influences that shaped The Beatles' music include Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and The one and only King, Elvis Presley. While all three of these musicians impacted The Beatles strongly, Elvis' style, sound, and all around charisma left a lasting impression on all four of the young, eager members.

What is the main style that the Beatles composed in? ›

The Ballad Style in the Early Music of the Beatles.

Who was the guy who turned down the Beatles? ›

For 50 years, Dick Rowe has been blamed for the biggest blunder in rock music history: he turned down the Beatles.

Who was almost the fifth Beatle? ›

McCartney said on two occasions that "if anyone was the fifth Beatle", it was manager Brian Epstein (in a 1997 BBC interview) and producer George Martin (in a 2016 memorial post).

What was the Beatles first number one hit? ›

On this date in 1964, the Beatles posted their first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” their first entry on the list, rose 3-1 in its just its third week on the chart.

Who is the best Beatles members? ›

Ranking the Individual Beatles
  • Ranking the Fab Four. So, when it comes to the four members of the most influential group in the history of rock, how would one rank them individually? ...
  • #1: Paul. ...
  • #2: George. ...
  • #3 John. ...
  • #4 Ringo. ...
  • They All Shine On.
Mar 22, 2021

Who started the Beatles? ›

The Beatles were formed around the nucleus of members John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who first performed together in Liverpool, England, in 1957. They performed with a changing cast of accompanists and under a changing list of band names before settling on their final members and name.

Who was the best Beatles vocalist? ›

  • All four Beatles proved themselves to be excellent musicians, both within the group and in their solo careers, and each was equipped with a unique voice:
  • Paul McCartney: Technically the strongest singer of the group, and certainly the most developed at the beginning of their career.

How did the Beatles come up with their name? ›

According to The Beatles' publicist, Derek Taylor, the name came from the 1953 movie “The Wild One,” starring Marlon Brando. Taylor's memoir details that Brando's character referred to his leather-jacket-donning gang as “young beetles.” And the rest is history.

Who is the least popular Beatles member? ›

In the ranking of least favorite band members, McCartney (21%) and Starr (18%) are a distant second and third to Lennon, while George Harrison is the least favorite of only 12%.

Which Beatle did the best on their own? ›

Despite Harrison's accolade, Paul McCartney achieved the greatest chart success through the sheer quantity of music he has released. Macca was the most prolific Beatle whose solo career outlasted the other Beatles, especially both John Lennon and George Harrison, whose lives were taken from them far too early.

Is anyone more famous than The Beatles? ›

However, the authors ​also ​compiled detailed statistics for special categories including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. On that list, Elvis ​Presley ​outranks The Beatles in terms of “significance” (Presley's ranking is 7.116 and The Beatles ranking is 6.707).

Which Beatles didn't like each other? ›

The Beatles' split and subsequent falling out between John Lennon and Paul McCartney remains a frequently debated aspect of rock history. The tension between the two led to numerous jabs within their albums and singles in the following years, and the two continued to use one another as inspiration after they disbanded.

Why do people love The Beatles? ›

They were the first band to be universally loved for their music, their style, their spirit and image. Regardless of differences in language, religion, gender or nationality, fans were touched by this band like no one before, and no one since. And here we are, 45 years later, and The Beatles continue to be influential.

What was unique about The Beatles sound? ›

Sure, a lot of the Beatles' special sound can be credited to the production qualities of their recordings: their innovative musical arrangements, their use of special effects, the speeding up and slowing down of tape speed, the doubling of their lead vocals, etc.

Which Beatle was the smartest? ›

In a 1987 interview, McCartney said that the other Beatles idolised Lennon: "He was like our own little Elvis ... We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest."

Which Beatle was nicest to fans? ›

In public during The Beatles years, Paul was probably the nicest of them to meet. George liked his privacy and John and Ringo were married with children.

Which Beatle is the cutest? ›

Paul McCartney admits he despised being labeled "the cute one" during the Beatles era. "I hated that," McCartney told SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, agreeing that the term distracted from his musicianship. "That's what happens — just, 'He's the cute one.

Did Elton John like The Beatles? ›

Although he grew to love The Beatles and was even named the godfather to John Lennon's son, Elton wasn't immediately sold on the band.

Which Beatles believed in God? ›

Harrison: "John's our official religious spokesman." McCartney: "We all feel roughly the same. We're all agnostics." Lennon: "Most people are, anyway."

Did Ringo Starr like John Lennon? ›

Ringo Starr and John Lennon held a strong bond that was never in doubt and, following the split of The Fab Four, the success that Starr had in his solo career made Lennon immensely happy.

Did George Harrison ever sing lead vocals? ›

He had two lead vocal credits on the LP, including the Lennon–McCartney song "Do You Want to Know a Secret?", and three on their second album, With the Beatles (1963). The latter included "Don't Bother Me", Harrison's first solo writing credit.

Did George Harrison sing any Beatles songs? ›

'Something' Shockingly, 'Something' is the only song written and sung by Harrison released as a Beatles single (it reached No. 1).

Did John Lennon play lead guitar on any Beatles songs? ›

Lennon's stinging lead lines can be heard on 'Revolution', 'Birthday', and 'Yer Blues', and indeed it seemed that Lennon was eager to play lead on the dirtier, bluesier numbers within the band's catalogue.

Did any of the Beatles read music? ›

The Beatles

None of us could read music… None of us can write it.” John Lennon admitted this about the band in a 1980 Playboy interview, “but as pure musicians, as inspired humans to make the noise, they [Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr] are as good as anybody.”

Did Paul McCartney wrote a song for John Lennon? ›

"Here Today" is a song by Paul McCartney from his 1982 album Tug of War. He wrote the song as a tribute to his relationship with John Lennon, who was murdered in 1980.

Was Paul McCartney the main singer from the Beatles? ›

Does Ringo Starr ever sing? ›

Starr occasionally sang lead vocals with the group, usually for one song on each album, including "Yellow Submarine" and "With a Little Help from My Friends". He also wrote and sang the Beatles songs "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden", and is credited as a co-writer of four others.

What was George Harrison's cause of death? ›

He was 58. Harrison died at a friend's Los Angeles home following a battle with cancer, longtime friend Gavin De Becker told The Associated Press.

Did John Lennon sing backing vocals on Fame? ›

Bowie wrote "Fame" with former Beatle John Lennon, who also contributes backing vocals and guitar.

Who was a better songwriter Lennon or McCartney? ›

McCartney was more melodic and covered a broader range of topics in his lyrics. Lennon was more musically raw and his lyrics more personal. If that analysis failed, the song's lead vocalist was usually the primary writer.

Did Paul McCartney ever sing? ›

Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE (born 18 June 1942) is an English singer, songwriter and musician who gained worldwide fame with the Beatles, for whom he played bass guitar and shared primary songwriting and lead vocal duties with John Lennon.

Which Beatle did not sing? ›

Instrumental music by George Harrison for the 1968 film. There was a soundtrack LP called "Wonderwall Music". George does not sing or play on it (according to the credits), but is credited as arranger and producer, and it is sometimes called his first solo album.

Who was the oldest Beatle? ›

Ringo Starr -- the oldest of The Beatles, the enduring symbol of our youth -- turned 75 today.

What were John Lennon's last words to Paul McCartney? ›

Although their intimate conversations remained private, Paul's wife Linda McCartney once revealed John Lennon's last words to his former band mate. As Ultimate Classic Rock reveal, they were: “Think about me every now and then, old friend.”

Did George Harrison go to Linda McCartney's funeral? ›

A memorial service was held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London with friends and family in attendance, including George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Billy Joel, Elton John, David Gilmour and Peter Gabriel, among a congregation of 700.

Who was George Harrison's best friend? ›

Eric Clapton was Harrison's closest friend, but he had actively pursued Pattie Boyd romantically while she was married to Harrison. He wrote “Layla” in 1970 with Derek and the Dominos about his painful desire for the famous model.

Who is the most likable Beatle? ›

Of people who are at least somewhat familiar with the Beatles, 43% say they love McCartney, while somewhat fewer say they love each of the three other band members, including John Lennon (34% love him), Ringo Starr (32%), and George Harrison (31%).

Who is more famous than The Beatles? ›

Top-selling artists worldwide as of August 2022, based on certified sales (in million units)
CharacteristicUnits sales in millions
The Beatles183
Garth Brooks157
Elvis Presley139
9 more rows
Dec 8, 2022

Which Beatle was best at guitar? ›

In many respects Paul McCartney was the group's most rounded musician, and possibly even its best guitarist. It was he that devised many of the riffs and even played some of the most memorable solos, such as on Taxman (Revolver), Ticket To Ride and his killer Epiphone Casino riff on Paperback Writer.


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