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THE CLARION-LEDGER I SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2001 CLARIONLEDGER.COM WEDDINGS ENGAGEMENTS Wallace Blaylock Kayce Wallace of Madison and Shaun Blaylock of Kosciusko will be married at 3 p.m. Feb. 16, 2002, at First Presbyterian Church in Kosciusko. She is the daughter of Randel and Paula Wallace of Madison. A graduate of Mississip- Blaylock Wallace pi i State University, she attended Madison Central High School and Holmes Community College.

She is a secretary for Farm Bureau Insurance in Kosciusko. Blaylock is the son of Nat V. and Sylvia Blaylock of Kosciusko. A graduate of Mississippi State University, he attended Kosciusko High School and Holmes Community College. He is an agent for New York Life Insurance in Jackson.

Powell Flowers Ethel Lee Powell of Tougaloo and James Edward Flowers of Terry were married Nov. 14, 2001, at the Justice of the Peace in Jackson. She is the daughter of Mrs. Ethel Lee Powell of Tougaloo and the late Mr. Flowers Powell Ernest Powell.

He is the son of Ms. Odie B. and Mr. Joseph Cooper, both of Terry. Russell Jenkins Joyce Russell and Michael Jenkins, both of Jackson, will be married at 3 p.m.

Dec. 29, 2001, at Greater Fairview Baptist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter of Mable and Frank Tate Sr. of Liberty. A graduate of Jackson Russell Jenkins State University, she attended Mississippi University.

She is an instructor at Hinds College in Raymond. Jenkins is the son of Ms. Eddie L. Jenkins of son. A graduate of Hinds Community College, project manager for Fountain Construction Jackson.

Frisby Allen Ka'Wanda Telise Frisby of Jackson and Marcus Stewart Allen of Magee will be married at 6 p.m. Dec. 23, 2001, at Black's Chapel Baptist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Adrian and Hattie Frisby of Natchez. A graduate School, Jackson State University, she is an Mississippi House of Allen is the son of Allen Frisby of Jefferson County High University and Alcorn State administrative assistant for the Representatives. Marcus Stewart Allen of Magee. A graduate of Magee High School and Jackson State University, he is a supervisor at Mill Creek Rehabilitation Center in Magee. Chandler Groleau Jamie Chandler and Nathan Groleau, both of Pearl, were married Nov.

16, 2001, at Galloway United Methodist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter of Molly Chandler of Jackson and Reggie Chandler of Pela- Groleau Chandler hatchie. He is the son of Sherman and Nancy Groleau of Pearl. Carrie Chandler was maid of honor. Terry Hogue was best man.

Hartley Elliott Natalie Nicole Hartley of Terry and Thomas David Elliott of Clinton will be married at 2 p.m. Jan. 5, 2002, at Asbury Congregati ion al Methodist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter Hartley Elliott of Jesse and Linda Hartley of Terry. A graduate of Forest Hill High School, she attends Mississippi College.

Elliott is the son of Andy and Carol Elliott of Clinton. A graduate of Forest Hill High School, he attended Wesley College. He is a senior sales associate for Family Christian Store in Jackson. Dear Mr. Wolff: At duplicate, no one vulnerable, partner deals and opens one heart.

If next hand passes, is my hand worth a jump to four hearts? I held 9-8-6-3, 9-8-7-6-2, K-Q-10, 7. Over and Under, Pleasantvillle, N.Y. ANSWER: This hand does not fit in any truly descriptive category. It is too weak for a limit raise and is not a good example of a leap to four hearts. Something like 9, 9-8-7-6-2, K-Q-10-8-7, 6-2 would be better.

A reasonable compromise answer would be to settle for a single raise to two hearts. Kendall Leach Kris Kendall and Greg Leach, both of Brandon, were married Oct. 27, 2001, in Pearl. She is the daughter of Yvonne Merchant of Gulfport and Mr. and Mrs.

Darrell Kendall of San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joun Helm of Pearl and of Brandon. Clark Storm Jennifer Clark of Hartwell, and Mark Storm of Brandon will be married at 2 p.m.

Dec. 29, 2001, at First United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ga. She is the daughter of Ben and June Clark of Hartwell. A graduate of Hart gia Institute Storm is Brandon. A Mississippi Owens-Corning County High School, she attends of Technology.

the son of Steve and Bebe Storm graduate of Brandon High School State University, he is an engineer in Fairburn, Ga. Pigott McCullough Emily B. Pigott Pearl and Eric McCullough Stringer were ried Dec. 15, at Woodland Baptist Church Jackson. She is the of the Rev.

Ty and Daphne both of Pearl. He Bay Springs and Britney Peek State were Amy Pigott, Community William Ryan were John Craven Jack- Brad Pigott. he is a Leach Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Leach Storm Clark McCullough Pigott is the son of Barbara Welborn of Mike McCullough of Stringer.

was maid of honor. Bridesmaids Mindy Espey and Jennifer Patton. was best man. Groomsmen Christopher Tullos and Bilbo Burroughs Brandi Lee Bilbo of Clinton and David Wester Burroughs of Redwood will be married at 3:30 p.m. Dec.

29, 2001, at La Maison Gautier, "The Old Place" in Gautier. She is the daughter of Mr. Claude V. Bilbo Jr. and Mrs.

Vivian Hateley Bilbo, both of Pascagoula. A graduate of Bilbo Pascagoula High School and the University of Mississippi, she attends Mississippi College School of Law. Burroughs is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Burroughs of Redwood and Mr.

and Mrs. Terry Gray Sr. of Utica. A graduate of St. Aloysius High School and the University of Mississippi, he territory manager for Alliant Food Service Vicksburg.

Fletcher Wilkerson Etter Jean Fletcher of Brandon and Andre' Delon Wilkerson of Jackson were married Nov. 24, 2001, at Richland Park and Recreational. She is the daughter of Earl and Brenda Fletcher Brandon. He is the son of Frank and Elizabeth Wilkerson Jr. of Jackson.

Dana Myles was matron of honor. Marshall McDougal was best man. Payne Bass Charita L. Payne of Jackson and Michael A. Bass of Vicksburg were married Dec.

1, 2001, at Pratt United Methodist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Payne Jackson. He is the son of Ms.

Evelyn Bass of Vicksburg. Nicole Richardson was maid of honor. Sharon Harris was matron of honor. Larry Bass and Darral Brown were best men. Graves Harrington Angela Graves of Jackson ton of Dallas, Texas, will be Dec.

22, 2001, at First United in Gulfport. She is the daughter of Jackie and Frank Graves of Gulfport. A son State University, she State University. She is an EBAP Communications in Jackson. Harrington is the son of Ola ton of Jackson.

He attended University. He is a TCAE for tions in Dallas. Dear Mr. Wolff: RHO opens one club and I pass with Q-7-6-2, A-Q-7-2, 10-7-6-5, Q. LHO responds one diamond, and partner jumps to two spades (weak).

If RHO raises to three diamonds, is it too aggressive for me to jump to four spades? Ideal Fitter, Houston, Texas ANSWER: No, it is not. I would choose that action and would not be surprised if partner won 10 tricks. He promised a good six-card suit, and the bidding marks him with, at most, a singleton diamond. Cleveland Mosley April Leigh Cleveland and Robert Brooks Mosley, both of Clinton, will be married at 2 p.m. Dec.

29, 2001, at First United Methodist Church in Clinton. She is the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Cleveland of Clinton. A graduate of Clinton Mississippi State University. Mosley is the son Mosley of Clinton. A School and Mississippi assistant superintendent in Madison.

Rayner Pollo Cleveland Cleveland Mosley High School, she attends of Waymond and Wanda graduate of Clinton High State University, he is at Annandale Golf Club Elizabeth Anne Rayner of Pembroke, and Brian Keith Pollo of Antioch, were married Oct. 6, 2001, at First Presbyterian Church in Hopkinsville, Ky. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holmes Rayner of Jackson.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Charles of Pollo-Benld, Ill. Victoria Simmons Pirrie was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Robbie Doak Fisher, Margie Szczepanski Case and Susan Elizabeth McCarley.

Matthew Anderson was best man. Groomsmen were Mark Pollo, Timothy Gher and Richard Sacco. Jones Bridges Kimberly Dianne Jones of Richland and Michael Wayne Bridges of Harrisville were married Oct. 6, 2001, at Briar Hill Baptist Church in Florence. She is the daughter of James and Shirley Branch of Richland and the late Robert Jones.

He is the son of Randy and Stella White of Harrisville and Donald Bridges of Richland. Melanie Mink was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Shonna Jones, Kricia Miley and Amy Terwilliger. B.F. Bridges was best man.

Groomsmen were Chad Bridges, Brian Buckley and Jeremy Buckley. Richardson Derrick Cammie Grace Richardson of Baton Rouge and Benjamin David Derrick of Madison were married Nov. 17, 2001 in Baton Rouge. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Keith Richardson of Baton Rouge. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Derrick of Madison. Bridesmaids were Emily Richardson, Kimen Rizzutto and Krissi Howie.

David Derrick was best man. Groomsmen were Jason Derrick, Will Smith and Jeff Williams. WEDDING POLICY The Clarion-Ledger makes it a policy to run wedding and engagement announcements in the Sunday newspaper. Announcements are free and must be submitted on forms from The Clarion-Ledger. We must receive announcements a month before they are to appear, and will try to run them on the date requested.

If mailing or dropping off forms, brides should sign their forms and provide phone numbers in case of questions. We will publish one photo with the engagement or wedding announcement the couple's choice. The photo submitted with the form must be clear and in focus and may be color or black and white. Announcements will not be accepted more than 60 days after the wedding. Late announcements will be printed at the newspaper's discretion when space is available.

By submitting a photograph and announcement information set forth above, you grant The Clarion-Ledger the right to publish, distribute, archive and otherwise use the photograph and this information, in whole or in part, in print, electronic or any other media and for promotional purposes related to The Clarion-Ledger's products and services. In addition, you represent that you have the right to authorize The Clarion-Ledger to use the photograph and information you are submitting. To submit a wedding and engagement form, visit our Web site at come by The Clarion-Ledger office, 201 S. Congress write The Clarion-Ledger, Southern Style Department, Box 40, Jackson MS 39205- 0040; or call (601) 961-7268 or 1-800-222- 8015, Extension 7268. Geor- of and for Phillips Boyd Kimberly Phillips and James Boyd both of Tampa, were married Sept.

22, 2001, at Collis Hill Church of Christ Holiness in Terry. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Livert Phillips Jr. of Jackson.

He is the son of Ms. Elizabeth Thomas of Pensacola, Fla. Chaka Draka and Monica Clincy were maids of honor. Clifford Stokes was best man. Groomsmen were Eric Hollinhead, Marcus McCreary, Desmond Peters, Harrison Peters, Kevin Phillips and King Walker.

Jamison Hornes Denice Jamison of Jackson and Jerry Hornes of Greenville will be married at 4 p.m. Jan. 5, 2002, at St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson. She is the daughter of Julia and Johnnie Freeman of Jackson.

A graduate of Callaway High School and Hinds Community College, she is an LPN for Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield. Hornes is the son of Beulah Hornes of Greenville. A graduate of Greenville High School, he is self-employed. Stunted by TV, stereotypes, aging comics' stars dim By Allan Johnson mother and to live a quieter life. "They become bitter or disena Chicago Tribune But now he's ratcheting up his franchised and maybe don't work in CHICAGO It is a different career again.

He has released a as hard at comedy as they had, Emo Philips walking through his new comedy CD, and is taking a because it was a means to an end brown, ranch-style childhood new approach to his act, moving and they hadn't achieved that home in Downers Grove, one away from bizarre, sometime end," says Willie Mercer of recent afternoon, a week after his freaky and exaggerated musing Rozon-Mercer Management i in mother had passed away. about his life. Beverly Hills, which hanGone are the brownish "It's more mature now," says dles comics, actors and writers. of pageboy hairstyle and gangly, Philips, a comic since 1976. "I Jim Carey, Tim Allen, Seinherky-jerky body that enhanced used to joke about my childhood feld, Ray Romano, Kevin James, Philips' reputation as a comedy a lot, and that's because when I Paul Reiser and others were able oddity.

His hair is gray and started I was a child. I was a to use TV show as a platform to moussed, and his body, at one minor, I was 20 years old." celebrity. Not only did the majorpoint 130 pounds stretched over Philips isn't alone. The 1980s ity of these comedians draw upon 6 feet 2 inches, is now a respectful comedy boom went bust -there their own stand-up persona and respectable 180 pounds. were too many mediocre clubs achieve a level of creativity The singsong cadence the and second-rate comics, and too through their sitcoms (the latest stand-up comedian has bombard- many stand-up comedy showcas- being Chicago's Bernie Mac), ed fans with for more than 20 es on television.

Now the comedi- many of them became wealthy of years has remained, although it is ans who enjoyed the heyday have enough to never work again. To not as pronounced. reached middle age, and they're comics who toil 40 or 50 weeks a "You couldn't even walk finding they're not the most year performing road gigs through here," he says, looking sought after acts anymore. around the country, that reprearound a room strewn with box- "You start out with a bunch of sents utopia. And if you've es, papers and other items strewn people and some of them really go reached a certain age and haven't among what little furniture far.

And some of them don't get gotten there yet, it seems even remained. "She was a pack rat far at all," says Jimmy Wiggins, a more out of reach. and she collected everything," Chicago comic for 30 years. TV is culprit. Comic-actor says Philips, as workers sift Roseanne, Butler, Richard Whoopi Goldberg says has tried through the items, his mother's Lewis and Andrew "Dice" Clay to "put into our minds that you're items, determining what should are just a few of the comics who not funny past a certain age." be tossed in order to make the enjoyed measures of success TV's love for young demohome suitable for sale.

years ago and now find them- graphics- which translates into At 45, Philips clearly is not the selves at a crossroads. Roseanne, using stars in the same age range comic we once knew, one who for example, has gone from a hit as TV's desired target audience of regularly contorted his body in TV show and movies to playing adults 18-49 has further limitweird angles and whooped and the road again, with a date at the ed some middle-age comics. bleated while playing on the per- Star Plaza Theatre in Merril- "I bet if you took (the late) sona of a demented man-child. lville, this month. George Gobel or Jack Benny," He dimmed his spot on the come- Some comics see middle age as Philips says, "would they even be dy radar, partly to tend to his an age of discontent.

arrested today?" and Darryl Harringmarried at 6 p.m. Methodist Church Graves of Jackson graduate of Jackattended Mississippi analyst for SkyTel and Elijah HarringMississippi State SkyTel Communica- THE ACES club should be welcome sight, and your strong heart holding is likely to be sitting over the opening bidder's hearts. Bid four spades now, and answer questions later. Dear Mr. Wolff: At duplicate, both sides vulnerable, I open one spade and LHO doubles.

Partner passes and RHO bids two diamonds. Should I bid two hearts with A A-J-10-7-5, A-K-J-8, 10-6-4? Hates to Pass, Whiteville, N.C. ANSWER: Bidding two hearts is a very dangerous action. Your LHO's takeout double ON BRIDGE promised length and strength in hearts, and partner is unlikely to have heart support. Since he didn't bid two spades over the takeout double, I suggest a prudent pass.

Dear Mr. Wolff: At duplicate, how would you open the bidding with this hand? Iheld 9-7-3, A-6, J-10-5-2, A-K-J-3, and the opponents were vulnerable. Rank or Texture? Roanoke, Va. ANSWER: Many would open one club because of the solidity of that suit compared with the anemic texture of the dia- monds. However, in a competitive auction, a one-diamond opening may leave you better placed for a convenient rebid.

For example, if LHO overcalls one spade and partner makes a negative double, what convenient bid would you have if RHO raises to two spades? If you open one diamond, you might compete with three clubs. If you open one club, it might be too dangerous to introduce the diamond suit. Dear Mr. Wolff: I open one diamond with 2, J-9-6, A-Q-8-3, 4 K-Q- 10-9, and partner responds one heart. If my RHO bids one spade, how many hearts am I worth? Promoted Values, Rocklin, Calif.

ANSWER: A jump to four hearts would be an overbid, and a timid raise to two hearts would be a gross underbid. A jump to three hearts seems just about right. It promises four trumps and about 15-18 support points. Send bridge questions to The Aces, Box 12363, Dallas TX 75225, with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply..

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