Best Pokemon Go Little Cup Team: Full Tier List (2024)

Are you looking to prepare the best Little Cup Team inPokemon Go? If you’re a fan of baby Pokemon, now’s your chance to shine! We got a full-tier list that can help you if you need help forming an ideal team. TheLittle Cuptier of battle has returned toPokemon Go, officially starting on March 29th. Therefore, it’s time to train up and tussle with the cutest Pokemon in your roster —Moves and all. To register a Pokemon in the tournament, it must have a CP level of 500 or lower.

Building the Best Little Cup Team in Pokemon Go

Below we’ve compiled a list of candidates for the Best Little CupPokemon Goteam for you. For those unfamiliar, there are generally three categories of Pokemon in aPokemon Gobattle. For our tier list, we’ll divide each list into set categories based on what function each Pokemon performs in battle. From there, we’ll offer a tier list based on what Pokemon belong in those categories. Hopefully, with any luck, you’ll have some of these guys in your party. But if not, that’s the good part about Little Cup; finding and getting one up to 500 CP will be easy.

How to Setup a Little Cup Team in Pokemon Go

First, there are leads, the Pokemon you send out first. Generally, it’s a good idea to have your lead be a hard hitter, which works well with any type your opponent sends out there.

Next are Switches, Pokemon that can switch easily with another if things get too heated in battle. Switches should be fairly bulky or as tough as you can get in the Little Cup. That way, if you desperately need to switch, you can do so without sacrificing a ton of HP.

Last, in the categorization, we’ll use the Closers. These picks end the competition, helping wrap up the battle neatly. Closers can be any kind of Pokemon, as long as they have the attack power and typing to back the entire team up. They act as the anchor, the figurative person in the back of a tug of war. Save your best Pokemon for last to strategize for a proper Closer.

Little Cup Leads

First is the Lead category. These Pokemon should be able to deal damage quickly, helping make your opening strike the best it can be. Versatile Moves that can work with anything, like a jack of all trades, is a good strategy to employ here.

Pokemon like Jangmo-o are good here because oftheir Move pool, able to tank anything that comes out with reasonable efficiency. The Move pool on monsters like Bronzor and Shelmet can help even out the playing field quickly, no matter what your opponent throws at you. Here are our picks for the Lead position:

  • S-Tier: Shelmet, Jangmo-o, Bronzor
  • A-Tier: Dratini, Wynaut, Alolan Vulpix
  • B-Tier: Amaura, Cottonee, Onix

Little Cup Switches

Switches are Pokemon that can tank anything. If your strikers are in trouble, having a Switch on standby is excellent for your strategy. Consider pocket monsters like Ducklett, who can take hits and have advantageous typing at their disposal. Ground types excel, thanks to their great defenses and immunity to types like Electric. Consider your typing here carefully because a type’s weakness can make any defense moot. Below we have a small tier list of Switches for you to consider:

  • S-Tier: Wynaut, Ducklett, Magnemite
  • A-Tier: Spearow, Nidoran F, Pawniard
  • B-Tier: Eevee, Nidoran M, Skorupi

Little Cup Closers

The Closers are your endgame pocket monsters. Save them for last, just in case things get close during battle. Placing strikers in this category can help even the sides if you’re a little too close to losing. It’s a good idea to put some hard hitters in here, especially ones with multiple types and little weaknesses. These Pokemon are dissimilar from the Leads tier because they can afford to be a little slow.

By the time you get to your Closers, your focus should be holding out and dealing as much damage as possible. Pokemon like Whynaut are higher on the list because they can tank as much damage as the next bulky Pokemon, even in Little Cup. Our recommendations are below:

  • S-Tier: Bronzor, Deino, Wynaut
  • A-Tier: Lickitung, Riolu, Nidoran F
  • B-Tier: Spritzee, Pumpkaboo, Oddish

What do you think of our picks for our full tier list? Do you think these Pokemon will do well in the Little Cup? Let us know your thoughts below.

Best Pokemon Go Little Cup Team: Full Tier List (2024)
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