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Top Toys for Your Parrotlet – Reviews & Guide

Keeping your parrotlet entertained will make him feel less lonely and stressed. Having good parrotlet toys is therefore essential, but finding them is hard when you have little time on your hands. To help you decide, our team analyzed some of the more popular products and agreed that a product you should consider is the Petsvv Rope Bungee. It is perfect for parrotlets and similar sized birds, it works by creating an exciting twisting movement, and provides a soft footing based on cotton rope. It promotes coordination and balance skills. If this product is unavailable, another option you should keep in mind is the Super Bird Creations Trapeze.

Comparison table

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The Good

The Bad



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The Good

The mini flying trapeze is the perfect size for parrotlets, parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds. It is built from durable materials and features a fun design that is full of color to keep your bird’s attention for the entirety of the exercise session.

The Bad

If you have a heavy chewer, the bird might be able to remove a bit of the plastic coating. If swallowed, this might be a problem for your pet.


If you want a practical and affordable toy for your parrotlets to play with, the Super Bird alternative is not only nice to look at, but it will also help your pet exercise and have fun. It attaches to the cage in seconds.

5 Best Toys for Parrotlets (Reviews) in 2023

It is impossible for us to know exactly which item will best suit your needs. To help you decide, our team listed some of the more popular products and, taking professional feedback as well as specifications into account, wrote some parrotlet toys reviews which describe these products.

  • 1. Petsvv Rope Bungee Bird Toy
  • 2. Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds
  • 3. Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy
  • 4. Beakaroos Popsicle Sticks Bird Toy for Small Medium Birds
  • 5. Super Bird Creations Mini Stainless Steel Treat Cage
  • Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

1. Petsvv Rope Bungee Bird Toy


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Toys play an important role in improving coordination, balance and practical skills usually found in pet birds. This product does more than that, being also fun and relaxing while replicating the shape of branches and other similar places parrotlets might be found resting on in the wild. It is also inexpensive and straightforward to install.

Perfect in size for small birds, the toy looks like a spiral; its twisting and spinning action is captivating and will motivate your parrotlet to use it often.

Available in two choices, it can be 43 or 63 inches in length so that it can be fitted into most cages. The length and diameter of the coils are adjustable, as the internal wire is bendable.

The soft footing is provided by using a cotton rope twisted around the internal wire, making it comfortable for your bird’s feet. The toy develops coordination and balance skills as well as giving the pet birds enough exercise, and these things which are very important for your pet’s health.

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2. Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds


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Another excellent option if you want to entertain your parrotlet and prevent him from becoming stressed when spending time in the cage is this toy, designed to offer your bird the opportunity to exercise and develop their natural skills.

With its design, it also promotes the use of natural instincts, having a beneficial impact on the bird’s overall health condition.

Apart from only making life inside a cage more enjoyable and less stressful for the parrotlet, the toy improves their mental and physical well-being, offering them much needed exercise and a source of entertainment simultaneously.

The hanging seagrass mat is decorated with an array of beads, links and similar objects, its colorful design making it attractive.

Made from bird-safe materials, it cannot be damaged by them. The colorful toy is perfectly sized for small birds; it consists of a swing and four small chains, and it can be attached to the top wires of the cage. The bird’s balance and coordination are improved by using this product.

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3. Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy


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As one of the most appreciated toys out there, this hideaway can be installed anywhere around the house or inside the cage (provided that there is enough space for it).

It looks natural and has textures resembling those of branches and fruits, encouraging parrotlets to exercise both their feet and beaks. All materials are non-toxic and safe to chew at.

The product is pretty simple – it consists of a coconut shaped ball which has an entrance on one side, and the access is provided by a swinging moving bridge.

Aimed at reproducing a natural structure one might find in the wilderness, it is perfect for house birds. Measuring 12 inches in length and 5 in width, it is not too big, either, and can be fitted inside flight cages.

To produce it, real wood branches and a coconut shell were used. Natural sisal rope connects the small bridge and keeps it in place. Aimed at developing balance and also at providing beak and feet exercises, the item is perfect for parrotlets.

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4. Beakaroos Popsicle Sticks Bird Toy for Small Medium Birds


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If your birds spend a lot of time in a cage, buying them this toy might relieve stress and make their life better and more enjoyable by partially eliminating boredom.

The model is colorful, safe to use and affordable, making it a popular choice for many parrotlet owners. It displays a variety of colors and textures, making it attractive and enjoyable.

Safe, non-toxic food grade dyes were used to color each popsicle stick. No additives were used to make it stay on, so it will come off the toy when wet as a consequence.

Bird-safe aluminum was used for the primary wire structure that the sticks are attached to. Various wood types were used, each with a different hardness, being small enough for the birds to enjoy but also crunchy, to provide them with a challenge.

A variety of colors and textures make it attractive, while the overall design allows you to hang it somewhere inside the house or in the cage, providing your birds with a perfect exercise opportunity.

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5. Super Bird Creations Mini Stainless Steel Treat Cage


▷ 5 Best Toys For Parrotlets (Must Read Reviews) For March 2023 (23)

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Your birds will undoubtedly be challenged by this toy, which can be used to feed them vegetables, fruits, and small nuts or seeds.

The model is perfect for keeping them entertained for long periods of time, while, concerning size, it is suitable for most small and medium-sized birds. It consists of a foraging device which promotes exercise.

Place the foraging toys inside the cage at various levels, encouraging movement and exploration; add some fruits or vegetables inside the device and then give it to your parrotlet. Watch him forage and enjoy this product, which resembles situations the bird might find him or herself in when looking for food in the natural environment.

A quick link type cage connector is included, making the toy easy to install or remove. The dishwasher-safe device can be cleaned without any effort. Made only with safe materials, which are crafted from non-toxic materials, the product will not endanger your bird’s health condition.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

When searching for the best toys for parrotlets, there are some factors you must not forget to take into consideration. These will narrow the search down to a few products and will make it easier for you to obtain what you need. Read our detailed buying guide, which discusses these details, to understand what to look for.

If you’re in the market for bird toys, you should definitely check out our articles on related topics such as reliable toys for cockatiels or good parakeet toys.


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Type of toy

Given the variety of parrotlet toys available for sale these days, it is critical to decide on one particular type. Coming in many colors, shapes, and sizes with different features and operating principles, they develop different skills in your bird and will entertain them in more than one way.

A favorite type of product is the colorful swing, which is a simple and inexpensive toy which can be placed in almost any cage, provided there is enough space for it. It stimulates the birds, developing their balance, coordination and reducing boredom levels.

Another favorite type of toy is the mirror. If the parrotlet spends a lot of time on his own, it might feel lonely and bored; eliminate this problem by installing a small pet mirror inside the cage, ensuring the bird’s psychological well-being. Sometimes, the toy is accompanied by marbles or small bells which can be played with the beak.

Other popular types of toys are the colorful bells hanging on a rope. Apart from being able to hang on the toy itself, the noise generated stimulates the parrotlet both physically and also mentally, distracting them for an extended period. Hideaways are also quite standard, as well as foraging devices and hanging bridges.

Materials and colors

It is important to know that the best parrotlet toys have to be made from bird-safe, non-toxic materials. The birds will usually chew on pretty much everything made from wood, plastic or other soft materials, so the toy cannot be spared from this.

Buying a toy consisting of natural or at least toxin-free materials is recommended, preventing damage to the health and immune systems of your bird.

Another thing that differentiates the products is how well they replicate natural elements. Some synthetic materials are designed to have a texture identical to that of branches, leaves or hard fruit shells which might be encountered in the wild.

Colors are essential too, stimulating the parrotlets and making the toy more attractive and exciting. Almost all products available, including cheap toys for parrotlets, have bright colors.

Hideaways and wooden perches, however, are not often dyed in striking patterns as they should replicate the natural hiding and resting places of a bird.


Regarding accessories and extra features, there are a lot of things which can be added to make the toy more exciting or to stimulate the development of essential skills. Such accessories include small bells, marbles and plastic balls which are tied to the mirrors, swings or moving bridges.

They provide excellent training for the parrotlets’ beaks and stimulate their brain by creating unusual sounds. Furthermore, this means that you will primarily obtain several types of a toy in the same product.

Multifunctional items are preferred by pet owners, too – these are a selection of toys assembled to create a single product – for example, a hideaway with a swinging bridge consists of two items, both of which are loved by the parrotlets.

Last but not least, the multifunctional products can be used by more than one bird at once, meaning that you can offer quality entertainment for all your winged friends.

When checking out suggestions on how to make your pet friends’ life more enjoyable, try checking out the advice in our articles on related topics such as those on how to find a good finch cage or reliable baths for birds.

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