10 Books Full of Rails (2024)

At this point the original title is inaccurate. There no longer is just 10 books... but over 50. And that's only the endpoints of the book tree. Keeping for historical reasons and my satisfaction every time I see how this book grew

Have you ever fought to yourself "Man, I really could use over a 100 different rail blueprints... Oh! And make it double by putting some solar panels here and there"? If not - worry not for I did. And then I found a week to bring it to life. Basically, it's a "Modular Rail System" with "Absolute Reference Point" enabled for "Chunk Aligned Network" like benefits, several intersections that most people will probably never find a use for, but they're still here just in case. Each intersection has one duplicate with solar panels and accumulators taking up the free space between the lanes. If you wonder - no, those are not all possible intersections for their size. Speaking of size, train length that will have the best time on those rails is 6 but nothing stops you from using other lengths. 2, 3 & 12 are just behind. Everything is kept highly upgradable. There also is a set of wall blueprints to protect your rails from natives. On top of that, you can find stations for aforementioned train sizes (includes LTN variants) and a kit to make new ones, as well as some basic stackers. Everything is spiced up with rich text.


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Rails10 Books Full of Rails (1)

All of them in non-solar variants | see Rail Book Categories for close ups
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • All blueprints are always upgradable into their equivalents from other books placed lower on the list in the "Rail Book Categories" section as long as they are in the same category
  • many blueprints are upgradable into others from the same book or even other categories
    • some of that upgradability was sacrificed for the sake of throughput (extreme edge cases)
  • to achieve that, some blueprints don't have the best possible signal placement, but it's still perfect signalling (no 2 crosses of rail are in the same block)
  • Each book comes in 2 variants:
  • standard (no 10 Books Full of Rails (2) &10 Books Full of Rails (3))
  • 10 Books Full of Rails (4) &10 Books Full of Rails (5) included because why would you want to waste so much space (aesthetics first though)
    • there are some paths left between solar panels so you can get run over by a train again
    • not a perfect ratio, I'm not a masoch*st and it "probably" would be impossible anyway
  • Rail Spacing: 10 Books Full of Rails (6) - - 10 Books Full of Rails (7) - - - 10 Books Full of Rails (8) - - 10 Books Full of Rails (9)
  • Optimized for 6 10 Books Full of Rails (10)/10 Books Full of Rails (11) long trains, but works well with it's multiples and divisors. Any length will work, those are just suggestions 10 Books Full of Rails (12)/10 Books Full of Rails (13) (to avoid deadlocks there should be space equivalent or larger to the length of your longest train between intersections.)
  • 10 Books Full of Rails (14) & 10 Books Full of Rails (15) + 10 Books Full of Rails (16) included
  • Modular
  • Right-Hand Drive
  • Each section is 21x21 10 Books Full of Rails (17) or 42x42 tiles big (books are focused on throughput for 6 10 Books Full of Rails (18)/10 Books Full of Rails (19) trains and that is exactly the border length of the square in which all blueprints here fit, hence they are not chunk aligned)
  • Grid snapping is on, so you can use them like a "chunk aligned network" (blueprints can only be placed on an artificial grid that lets you start building from 2 completely disconnected points on the map and ensures that they can still be perfectly connected, see FFF #357 under the "Snapping" section)
  • Every blueprint has 10 Books Full of Rails (20) underlay to allow placing on water (Shift+LMB to place landfill, and LMB to place blueprint, you can also just double-click Shift+LMB)
  • Pretty 10 Books Full of Rails (21) connections
Stations10 Books Full of Rails (22)

Vanilla stations and Buffers
LTN Stations and depots are not visible here
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Every station comes in 2 variants:
  • Some basic train stackers of lengths 2-12 - nothing special, but still nice to have
  • Includes a book with some smaller parts for creating custom stations
  • Mechanically balanced loading and unloading
  • Depots for both vanilla and LTN
  • Train Limit Control blueprints included
  • 10 Books Full of Rails (23) included
  • 10 Books Full of Rails (24) and 10 Books Full of Rails (25) versions (upgradable)
  • Every blueprint has 10 Books Full of Rails (26) underlay to allow placing on water (Shift+LMB to place landfill, and LMB to place blueprint, you can also just double-click Shift+LMB)
  • Naming/symbolism/color-coding tries to resemble that of logistic system's components
Wall10 Books Full of Rails (27)

Wall Yoga
Everything on this picture was placed from blueprints
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Every wall blueprint has grid snapping for the same grid as rails
    • There is no overlap with rails, so you never have to manually correct anything
    • They connect nicely to each other
  • There are gates too, but no diagonal ones as there is no logic in the game itself that would allow for placing gates on diagonal rails
  • No 10 Books Full of Rails (28) underlay - who needs walls on water?
  • There is a book called "Maintenance" where you can find:
    • Stations suited for maintaining your walls in good shape
    • Trains with set schedules to make use of those stations
    • A blueprint of a roboport with a buffer chest to supply your walls no matter how far from the station they span
    • Another book, with the same blueprints except for the fact that they care about artillery. It is meant to be used before you research artillery, and stations that can service artillery wagons won't work without it.
Rail Book Categories
  • Category A - Basic Blueprints

(90% of every rail network ever made)

  • 2 10 Books Full of Rails (29) (16bp)
  • 2 10 Books Full of Rails (30) 10 Books Full of Rails (31) (16bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (32)

2 Lane Solar | Row 1: Vertical/Horizontal ends | Row 2: Vertical/Horizontal/Diagonal ends | Row 3: Diagonal ends
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • 4 10 Books Full of Rails (33) (18bp)
  • 4 10 Books Full of Rails (34) 10 Books Full of Rails (35) (18bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (36)

4 Lane | Row 1: Vertical/Horizontal ends | Row 2: Vertical/Horizontal/Diagonal ends | Row 3: Diagonal ends
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Category B1 - Lane Mergers/Splitters

(ends don't have equal number of lanes)

  • 4:2:1 10 Books Full of Rails (37) (16bp)
  • 4:2:1 10 Books Full of Rails (38) 10 Books Full of Rails (39) (16bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (40)

4:2:1 Lan | No Particular Order
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Category B2 - Lane Mergers/Splitters (Diagonal)

(ends don't have equal number of lanes)

  • 4:2:1 10 Books Full of Rails (41) Diagonal (16bp)
  • 4:2:1 10 Books Full of Rails (42) Diagonal 10 Books Full of Rails (43) (16bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (44)

4:2:1 Lane Diagonal | No Particular Order
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Category C - Split Junctions

(not all turns are possible)

  • 2 & 4 10 Books Full of Rails (45) Split (23bp)
  • 2 & 4 10 Books Full of Rails (46) Split 10 Books Full of Rails (47) (23bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (48)

2 & 4 Lane Split Junctions | Row 1: Vertical/Horizontal ends | Row 2: Vertical/Horizontal/Diagonal ends | Row 3: Diagonal ends
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Category D - Station Entrances/Exits

Slap one of these anywhere on your straight piece and you're good to go, you can even have multiple of them if you want

  • Entry/Exit (10bp)
  • Entry/Exit (10bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (49)

Station Entrance/Exit | Row 1: 2 Lanes | Row 2: 4 Lanes
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

  • Entry/Exit Diagonal (10bp)
  • Entry/Exit Diagonal (10bp)
10 Books Full of Rails (50)

Station Entrance/Exit | Row 1: 2 Lanes | Row 2: 4 Lanes
right click & open image in new tab for better resolution

*Categories do not represent book nesting


  • Most of your network will consist of blueprints from Category A, Category B will find some use for sure, but these books are more specialized, and Category C will be used very rarely if at all
  • Outer lanes in 4-way Intersections from 4 Lane books (category A) do not have left turns. Use Line changers provided
  • Some chain signals may seem unnecessary. Their sole purpose is to divide larger blocks inside a junction into two smaller ones so the train leaves the first one faster thus allowing other trains that would also cross through that block to start accelerating faster
  • Category B has some split junctions. The main difference between B and C is that category C blueprints all have the same number of lanes. Blueprints from category B don't
  • Remember to leave enough space between each section with lanes crossing each other to fit the longest train that is going to use that part of your network. Otherwise, when it stops on the next signal, it WILL block trains on other lanes. That is true for any train network, not only one built with my blueprints
  • No 10 Books Full of Rails (51) between rails so you don't accidentally recreate Population transfers in the Soviet Union, except bots. The real reason: 1. bots have a limited supply of power. 2. When it depletes, they go to recharge at the nearest roboport. 3. They go straight to their destination without considering their power reserves. That means that if you have a "C" shaped logistic network (that often forms with rails), where the distance in a straight line between both ends of this "C" is 2x greater than your robot's range, it won't reach its destination and instead, its power reserves will deplete, the bot will come back to where it started to recharge and try again thus falling into an endless loop
  • 10 Books Full of Rails (52) look cool
  • I've included the floor tiles I've created to help me make these blueprints so you can use them yourself, take inspiration or whatever else you'd like. They require Dectorio mod to work, (there is a vanilla version too, but it's not as pretty). They are made for 6 car trains, so if you're going for a different size inspiration is where it ends unless you can rescale them


  • There is a lot of Factorio's in-game Rich Text - it's awesome, believe me
  • If you don't have aforementioned mods (LTN, Dectorio) You'll get some error messages in the chat when importing this book. It only means that you won't be able to use blueprints that require those mods. All of them have vanilla friendly equivalents. You don't need those mods to make use of my blueprints
  • I'm no master of LTN nor I consider myself to be any close to one, so the logic is one of the simplest you can do. If you'd like to make something more sophisticated that would be compatible with my blueprints, go ahead, but post it as your own. Let me know, and I'll link it here
Known Issues- Presumably one of the mods I'm using causes some entities to disappear seemingly at random from blueprints during their editing. Because of just how random it is I can't pinpoint which mod is causing that and therefore you may encounter some blueprints that just lack a single piece of rail or an inserter. Please report it if you do.

If you encounter something, I can't guarantee a quick response if you comment here, but I'm always hanging out on factorio discord, so you can catch me there (@Bocian)


Rail Network/Signalling

Logistic Train Network

Change Log (Last Content Update/Fix: 17:30 UTC 09.03.2021
18:00 UTC 22.08.2020
  • Added the missing accumulator to "Diagonal 4-way" from "4 Lane Solar" book
  • All non-diagonal blueprints now have grid settings to enable placing by dragging. They're placed next to the previous one but only on the horizontal or vertical axis, not on diagonals. If support for that releases I'll update them too.
  • New title
19:00 UTC 23.08 2020
  • Landfill added under every blueprint to allow placing on water
  • For some stupid reason, I've renamed all 45° turn blueprints to 135° previously, now it's the right way again
  • Improved upgradability in and between Category A (Solar) books
20:00 UTC 25.08.2020
  • Added more pictures to description
13:30 UTC 23.08.2020
  • Added Absolute Reference Point setting to every blueprint
  • Changed Non-Solar Books' color-coding from yellow to dark orange for better visibility on tooltips
  • Fixed "4:2 T Junction Right" from "4:2:1 Lane" and"4:2:1 Lane Solar" books (one exit was 1 piece of rail too long)
  • Added missing lamps to "4:2 T Junction Left" from "4:2:1 Lane" book
22:30 UTC 25.08.2020
  • Added stations for < C || < C > || < CC || < CCCC > || << CCCC || < CCCC <> CCCC > || << CCC <> CCC > trains and their simple LTN equivalents
  • Added blueprints for creating stations from smaller components both for vanilla and LTN
12:00 UTC 26.08.2020
  • Added missing signals to double-headed stations
  • All LTN stations now have appropriate maximum and minimum train length set
15:30 UTC 26.08.2020
  • Slightly redesigned all <CC stations and all but <<CCC<>CCC>> provider stations in order to make all stations red belt compatible
  • Added Red Belt stations (upgradable to blue belt)
  • Removed the unnecessary middle power pole from all "Straight T Junction" (Category A) blueprints
16:00 UTC 26.08.2020
  • Fixed "Provider - Loading" from Rails -> Stations -> Vanilla (Red Belt) -> Station Parts (was the same blueprint as for LTN version)
17:00 UTC
  • Added "Provider - Front & Rear" and "Requester - Front & Rear" Stations for all 12 car station books
01:00 UTC 27.08.2020
  • Redesigned all stations to make them smaller and simplify the balanced loading/unloading using MadZuri's design
  • Added "Provider Front & Rear" and "Requester Front & Rear" to all 12 car stations
  • Added more blueprints to "Stations Parts" books
15:30 UTC 27.08.2020
  • Added "Straight Lane Switch U-turn" and "Diagonal Lane Switch U-turn" to all 4 Lane Category A Books
  • Reworked signalling in "Straight U-turn" and "Diagonal U-turn" in all 4 Lane Category A Books in order to make them upgradable to the above. Also Diagonal U)-turn" looks like a square now.
  • Fixed modularity of rail blueprints with diagonal exits (previously solar panels would overlap)
16:30 UTC 28.08.2020
  • Changed some blueprints in "Station Parts" books and added new ones
  • Added "Instructions" book. Inside you can find instructions on setting up MadZuri's Balanced Train Loading and my LTN Stations
  • Fixed wiring in Provider stations
  • Simplified LTN Station Logic "Provide Threshold" and "Request Threshold" replaced with "Provide Stack Threshold" and "Request Stack Threshold"
  • Added train stations for 2L-10C Single-headed trains
17:30 UTC 28.0.2020
  • Normalized train stations
  • Added train stackers
  • Improved some signalling/removed misplaced "yellow state" signals
21:30 UTC 29.08.2020
  • Provider stations finally work as they should be I swear (all it took was changing "Anything" to "Everything" in inserter settings so you can just put new station over the old one and settings ill be updated)
12:30 UTC 31.08.2020
  • Fixed snapping on "2:1 Exit U-turned"
10:00 UTC 26.09.2020
  • Provider stations now have their chest number set in their arithmetic combinator for balanced loading
12:30 UTC 06.10.2020
  • Forgot to use an upgrade planner on red belt station books, fixed
18:00 UTC 05.12.2020
  • Moved signals from exits of rail blueprints to their entrances as suggested by Josch. Helps blueprints connect better by mitigating some conflicts (if you're planning to use this update on a save where you already have used older versions, you should place a signal in the middle of a big rail block that forms where old rails connect with new. That's not a perfect solution, but anything better would require to replace signalling on all old rails)
  • Improved signalling on all "u-turned" blueprints from 4:2:1 books
  • Changed "Diagonal U-turn" from 4 Lane books so it is upgradable to "Diagonal Lane Switch U-turn" as originally intended
  • If you're playing on 1.1, Factorio saves cable connections in blueprints now, you know what that means
15:30 UTC 8.12.2020
  • Stackers for each train size now have their own books rather than all being shoved together
20:00 UTC 10.12.2020
  • I've missed all of 4:2:1 Solar book, when aligning blueprint grid after update from 06.10.2020 - Fixed
  • After previous update, stackers had align to grid checked with some ridiculous values for some reason beyond my understanding- Fixed
12:30 UTC 13.12.2020
  • The reason beyond my understanding from the previous update has been understood. It has to do with changes to blueprint alignment settings in Factorio 1.1. Stations too have been affected by it - Fixed
19:30 UTC 18.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • All blueprints containing a 90° turn including the various 90° Turns have been redesigned to actually do so. Exceptions are: 1) the entirety of Category B, since it was impossible to do, 2)curved/diagonal blueprints from Category C - impossible or already compatible
  • Solar blueprints have been redesigned accordingly
  • Overall this update increases number of blueprints that both 2 Lane and 4 Lane 90° Turns can be upgraded into
  • Great thanks to An Entire Sleeve for helping out
21:00 UTC 18.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added "Wall" book, containing 7 blueprints designed to protecc your trains from natives
1:00 UTC 27.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added "Entry/Exit" books (new category - D) containing most blueprints from category B with severe modifications (they are way better now)
  • Added 4:1 4-way Intersections in 4 variants and their diagonal equivalents
  • Stackers have grid snapping (again)
  • Reworked blueprint naming so your eyes don't bleed anymore
1:00 UTC 28.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Fixed signalling in category D (some blueprints had signals on the wrong side of the rail)
  • deleted blueprints from category D in solar book that had the singular lane connected to only one side of the main track
15:00 UTC 28.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added grid snapping to non-diagonal blueprints from category D. It actually works and its amazing. Unfortunately it's not possible to do this to diagonal blueprints right now
19:00 UTC 29.12.2020

(Stations were completely reworked, but there shouldn't be any compatibility issues as long as you don't fiddle with the ones you already placed)

  • Complete rework of the stations, more freedom with their setup, better belt layouts, switched from circuit-based balancing to mechanical on provider stations - thanks to this there is also less fiddling with LTN stations, no need to worry about where each wire is connected and so on. There is less blueprints overall and instead of having 2 separate books for red and blue belts, now there is only one with red ones, upgradable with a provided upgrade planners. Largely influenced by Nilaus's tutorials
  • Added 4:2 4-way with three ends with 4 lanes and one end with 2 lanes
  • Added 10 car and 5 car stackers
  • It's a big update so there is more potential for bug than normally, I'll fix them as I get reports or notice the m myself
14:00 UTC 30.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added landfill to stackers
16:30 UTC 30.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Lane split isn't fixed to a specific position on straight lane like it was before giving more freedom with it's positioning
  • 4:1 4-ways were replaced with a 4:1 4-way that actually is 4-way.
22:30 UTC 30.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Light on stations have been moved outside to allow for placing additional signals if one so desires
  • Chests on vanilla stations have been connected with green wires for wire sorcerers
20:00 UTC 31.12.2020

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added an outline of a 42x42 square of stone bricks to the Tiles book, it's the same size as the grid on which all rail blueprints a re based on, so it can be used as a placeholder for future rails
  • some minor fixes like correcting spelling mistakes, changing blueprint tooltips a bit and so on
18:00 UTC 01.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Station buffers got a bit of a remake and more have been added
18:30 UTC 01.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Both 4 Lane Entries from Entry/Exit books had some signals on the wrong side of the rails, fixed
14:00 UTC 02.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added more wall blueprints
  • Fixed some naming and icon errors
14:30 UTC 03.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added more stackers
  • Reworked stacker naming and icons
16:00 UTC 04.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added stations for 4 car long trains
  • Added Maintenance book with a handful of blueprints to keep your walls in good shape
18:30 UTC 04.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Walls were beautified
  • Wall Maintenance requester stations are no more compact
  • I LTN depots are now more compact
  • Fixed wrong car numeration in LTN Depots
00.30 UTC 07.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Wall Maintenance stations can now service artillery shells
  • Maintenance trains are now longer by 1 car (artillery wagon) which is used to transport said shells
  • There are still variants of those stations that do not have such capabilities for those who have yet to unleash the artillery's might (without artillery, the ones that can service it won't work)
  • Added a U shaped wall segment (meant for surrounding U-turns
  • Some more wall beautification happened, very likely to be the last
13:30 UTC 10.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Blueprints from Entry/Exit books now have normal signals instead of chain signals at their ends, increased throughput
16:30 UTC 20.01.2021

(Technically compatible but station names changed so you'll have to change the names of your existing stations accordingly or suffer OCD damage for the rest of the run. Alternatively you can copy your stations book, and replace the one from this update with it to get the rest)

  • Station names changed from coloured text to icons of respective logistic chests resulting in drastically reduced length
  • Added 8 car stations
  • Added 2 lane buffered 4-way intersections based on "Whirlpool" by Tallinu
  • 4:2 4-way (2) has been improved. While It was proven impossible to make it upgradable from 2 lane 4-way, it is now symmetric and doesn't let trains change lanes resulting in higher throughput
17:00 UTC 20.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added 8 car stackers
  • Removed unnecessary signals from diagonal stackers
11:00 UTC 29.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added another 4:2 4-way. This one has two 4L ends opposite of two 2L ends. Both straight and diagonal versions
  • Added Power Indicators book. Who knows what's inside?
  • Added Safe Rail Crossing blueprints
  • With 1.1 release it is now possible to flip blueprints using F and G. Because of this there is no reason to maintain both Left and Right versions of station buffers and as such they were removed
  • Slightly modified the "L" shaped wall so that it doesn't overlap with diagonal U-turns
21:30 UTC 30.01.2021

(Train stop names in LTN depots have been changed - simple copy paste will do)

  • Added Train Limit Control blueprints for vanilla Provider and Requester stations
  • Added vanilla train Depots
  • Added 3 more splits to 4:2:1 books
  • (fix) Added green wire connecting vanilla requester stations' buffers
  • All Station Buffers now have listed their storage capacity for different stack sizes
  • Reworked color-coding/symbolism in Stations book to make it more consistent
  • LTN Depots now use Roboport Icon instead of the Depot Signal and are color-coded gray
  • Stackers book now uses purple, and books/blueprints inside it are plain white as blue was reserved for requesters
12:30 UTC 31.01.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Slight improvements to signalling in 4:2:1 blueprints
  • (fix) 2 Lane Safe Rail Crossing is no longer misaligned
  • (fix) Solar Safe Lane Crossing blueprints now are truly solar
20:30 UTC 02.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Blueprint description changes/updates, more fancy rich text shenanigans
  • Added 7, 9 and 11 car stations and stackers coz why not just have everything from 2 to 12 at this point. And let's not forget about the option of deleting blueprints you're never going to use
15:00 UTC 07.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Added 1, 2 an 3 car balance fluid buffers and modified 4 car ones slightly so that it is possible to transfer information about stored fluid through green wire. All are based on Nilaus's design.
  • (fix) 7 car stacker book now has the right blueprints
18:00 UTC 07.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • (fix) Corrected that some blueprints had the wrong blueprint snapping mode or had it at all when they shouldn't
15:00 UTC 08.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • (fix) Added ONE missing belt to vanilla 1 car requester buffer ;)
15:00 UTC 09.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Y junctions and splits are now more compact
  • Added a cursed diagonal rail signal based power display
  • Added a circular rail based power display (large and mini)
  • Added ONION
12:30 UTC 10.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • (fix) some spelling in blueprint descriptions
13:00 UTC 10.02.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • small changes to wiring of 2 car fluid provider and requester buffers resulting in better pump behavior
17:00 UTC 08.03.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • Lamps on stations were moved to stations buffers instead to avoid collision with fluid buffers
  • Improvements to grid snapping settings on station buffers
  • (fix) Added missing wires on 'Provider -> 4 car fluid buffer' connecting storage tanks to the power poles
  • Some additions/changes to the "Tiles" book, I'm working on something more flexible too
17:30 UTC 09.03.2021

(Compatible with older versions)

  • In "Tiles" book you can now find 4 new books (2 vanilla/2 modded) containing parts that let you construct new tile patterns like the premade ones but with custom size and rail spacing
Before updating to a new version be sure to check logs, as there may be some compatibility issues with older ones

If You have any suggestions, ideas, questions, requests or encounter problems, I'm always hanging out on Factorio Discord, so ping me there (@Bocian). Comment on Factorio Prints will work too, but it may take a long time for me to see it and respond as I don't get any notifications about them

I think it may be the longest blueprint string on Factorio Prints. Scratch that, forgot about songs

Thank You

  • An Entire Sleeve for helping out with testing, many reports and suggestions
  • Nilaus for his fluid buffer designs
  • MadZuri for his balanced train loading/unloading designs (used in previous versions)
  • Hactar for his rail network, I've been using before making this book
10 Books Full of Rails (2024)
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